About Us

Come on in, you don’t have to knock!
Welcome to the Kids on the Block Waterloo Region website!


Since 1983, the Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region has been warming the hearts and opening the minds of children throughout Waterloo Region with its immensely popular Kids on the Block puppet shows!

The Kids on the Block are a tightly-knit group of loveable puppets who have been entertaining and educating young audiences for almost 30 years.  The troupe, comprised of puppets with and without disabilities, offer kids the opportunity to learn about specific disabilities, as well as broader themes of friendship, community-building, the importance of expressing feelings and celebrating differences.

The shows also encourage children to ask questions about disabilities that they might be afraid to ask someone they meet in public.  Don’t let their age fool you—the Kids on the Block are very knowledgeable!  Plus, through our Pen Pal program, audience members who do not have the chance to ask questions at the show can have their questions answered by mail!

These 45 minute performances are offered to children in schools, places of worship and community groups  They are most effective with group sizes of up to 75 people.  However, no group is too large or too small!  Groups of any size may be easily accommodated.

The presentations are geared towards audiences from K-6. However we will perform for audiences of any age.

This program is free of charge; however, it relies solely on generous donations from audiences and community members.  A financial gift in any amount enables us to continue to create awareness in the community for children with disabilities.

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